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sexy santa costumes

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Let’s face it, the main thing that turns a Santa outfit into a sexy Santa Costume, is a woman wearing it. A fat dude dressed as Santa is not really sexy, it’s just Santa. Click the following link to see all Sexy Santa Costume options:
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The sexy Santa costume shown to the left is only one example of what you can find. To see more, just click through any link on this page. This one is the Sexy Xmas Costume -Women’s Santa Claus Christmas Dress.
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 Creative idea for the next Christmas party. Nobody hates a sexy anything costume, except of course for other jealous ladies. This particular Santa outfit has some decent positive customer reviews that you can take a look at through the links on this page.


No woman is created equal as far as sizing is concerned. Read product details carefully, and make sure you know your measurements really well before making a purchase.


sexy santa costume pants

This is an example that is a bit more conservative, but still sexy nonetheless. It comes as a costume kit that includes the Santa jacket, the Santa hat, and the red pants. It also includes the belt with gold colored buckles. Click the image you see here to get a lot more product details and buying information about this version, or to browse through a wide range of other sexy Santa costumes like this one.

You will also be able to see customer ratings and read through customer feedback comments. This particular outfit happens to have plenty of positive reviews that you can read through.


holiday fantasy costume sexy santa costume

This one is called the Holiday Fantasy Costume. This is a sexy lingerie version of a ladies Santa costumes. It does not include the white fur boots that you see this model wearing, but it does come with everything else. The one piece suit with hood, and the wide black belt. See more details about this and other similar sexy Santa costumes. You can also get other related accessories like the boots separately from this same source.

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