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shark vacuum

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Shark Vaccuum

The Shark Vacuum brand comes in a wide variety of models with various features. I felt compelled to add this product when I discovered the overwhelming amount of positive reviews on Amazon.
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The particular model shown in the image to the left is the Shark Vacuum Navigator upright bag-less model.


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shark navigator pro


This model is called the Shark navigator lift away professional. It is an upright version as well. It is designed to never lose suction. The canister is portable, and comes with a very handy dust away hard floor attachment with two micro fiber pads. It also uses swivel action technology to take easy turns. The one shown here is the standard brush roll version, but you can also get the premium brush roll version. Read all about these two versions and the differences that set them apart by clicking the image of the grey Shark vacuum you see here. You will also be able to read a whole bunch of customer review comments and browse through a ton of other similar vacuums. This particular vacuum also happens to be a best seller in it’s category, and is very well received by many customers who have purchased and used these exact Shark vacuums, as most of the ratings are positive.

shark rocket ultralight upright vacuum


This is another example of a Shark vacuum with plenty of positive reviews and insightful customer comments that you can read through. This design is significantly different from the above canister style from the Shark brand. They call this one the Shark Rocket Ultralight upright model. What’s great about this model is that it is very versatile and useful for a variety of different cleaning tasks around the home. It acts like a standard vacuum, and it also comes with attachments for detailing. For example, it comes with tools to clean your laptop or to deep clean the carpet and some types of furniture. Click the image of this black and orange upright Shark brand vacuum to find all product specifications about this one, and to browse through a bunch of other similar vacuum options.

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