Side Sleeper Pro


side sleeper pro

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Side Sleeper Pro

The Side Sleeper Pro seen on this page, is only one example of a side sleeping comfort pillow available. Browse through many other similar side sleeping pillow options through the following link:
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The Side Sleeper Pro is the same product you may have seen on TV.
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Side Sleeper Pro Pros: 

Great customer reviews. Helps you sleep better on your side. Many other side sleeping options are available to make a wise decision. You are not just limited to this exact one. Reliable source to buy from securely.

Side Sleeper Pro Cons:

 Sleep issues can be caused by many different things, and of course everyone is different. There is no guarantee that it will work for you despite great results for others. Read all reviews and product descriptions carefully to make a sound buying decision.


More Side Sleeper Pillow options
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leachco snoogle total body pillow


They call this one the Leachco Snoogle total body pillow. Similar concept as the side sleeper pro discussed above, except this one is longer and can be used for your entire body. You can get a good idea of how this works my looking at the image seen here. You can use it in a variety of different ways for your specific needs. The one shown here is the white version, but you can also get this exact same product in black. You can select your color upon ordering it online. See more details about this or other similar ones by clicking the image of it seen here. You will also be able to read all the customer feedback comments both good and bad.

biosense 2 shoulder pillow for side sleepers


This is another side sleeping pillow option made by a competitor. This is a contoured pillow designed specifically for people who sleep on their side like I do. They call this one the BioSense 2 shoulder pillow for side sleepers. It gives proper support in all the right places around the head and neck. It is also filled with green tea, charcoal, seed oil and peppermint to help control odor problems. Click the image of the side sleeper pillow you see here for a lot more camera angles and product details.

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