Ski Blades


ski blades

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Ski Blades

Ski blades are similar to skis, but they are shaped a bit different, and the main difference is the length. Generally speaking, ski blades a.k.a snow blades are shorter. Find all available styles through the following link:
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The ski blades I have depicted on this page just happens to be among the highest in customer ratings, but you can browse through them all and choose for yourself.

These particular ski blades are the Head Salamander 94cm Ski boards Snow blades Short Skis.
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Ski Blades Pros: 

These particular ski blades, as mentioned above, are currently the highest in positive customer reviews, which you can read yourself and make up your own mind.

Ski Blades Cons: 

Ski Blades in general are shorter, which means you don’t have the ability to lean as far forward as you do with regular skis. It is a different type of skill. Click any link on this page to find product information and more details about this type of ski and make an informed buying decision.


More Ski Blade options
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magic fly ski blades mini skis


This set is called the Magic Fly ski blades mini skis and bindings. These are 89 cm. These snow blades are ideal for use by both beginners and advanced riders. They are not too expensive compared to the top end versions, so it’s great for someone just getting into the downhill skiing game. See a lot more details about these or browse through a wide selection of other snow blades by clicking the image of this blue and white set seen here.

summit headwall skiboards snowblades atomic bindings


This set of ski blades is a bit higher on the cost and general quality scale. This set is called the Summit Headwall skiboards with atomic bindings. These ones are 95 cm, which is a bit longer than the set discussed above. These would probably be a bit more suitable for more advanced riders. See more about these ones or check out out all the other options by clicking the image of this pair of ski blades seen here.

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