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slicer dicer

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Slicer Dicers

You can get a Slicer Dicer in a variety of ways. What you see here is just on example. Browse through all Slicer Dicer options using the following link:
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The Slicer Dicer example shown here is the Genius Nicer Dicer Plus As Seen on TV Multi Chopper 12 Pieces.
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Slicer Dicer Pros: 

Tons of customer reviews to check out, with most of them being positive. It comes with all you see in the image on the left. A top selling item.

Slicer Dicer Cons: 

The negative reviews I saw seemed to mostly pertain to shipping issues and packaging issues. Most comments related to the product itself were positive. Read all reviews good or bad and judge for yourself.


More Slicer Dicer options
Clickable Images

kitchen basics fruit vegetable chopper


This one is called the Kitchen Basics fruits and vegetables cutter and slicer. Includes a few different blades to get the right slice or dice that you prefer. Read more product details and and buying information about this one by clicking the image. You will also be able to browse through many other slicer and dicer kitchen tools, and read through the many customer review comments.

slice-o-matic slicer nicer dicer


This kit and unit is called the Slice-o-Matic creative vegetable fruit cutter slicer nicer dicer peeler. This is a less expensive slicing unit, but of course you get what you pay for. This kit does not include a bunch of extra blades. It is a very simplistic slicing device that is light weight and easy to clean. See more details and camera angles of this unit by clicking the picture of the unit seen here. You will find many different images of the various parts that are included inside the box. You will also be able to browse through many other slicer dicer options aside from this one example here.

new world nicer dicer plus


This unit is known as the New world cuisine pro chef nicer dicer plus. It includes everything you can see in this picture here. It comes with all kinds of different cutting style blades and, a peeler, and many other high quality parts and pieces. See everything that comes with it by clicking the picture of the black slicer dicer seen here.

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