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snorkel gear

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Snorkel Gear

Snorkel Gear of any kind is a great gift idea for the snorkeling maniac in your life. It’s also a neat idea to buy snorkeling gear for you and your spouse and book a surprise snorkel trip. Unless of course your spouse is afraid of the water.

The best gift option is to get a Snorkel Gear kit or package that includes everything you need to snorkel. The image above shows an example of a snorkel gear kit. This particular kit is red, but they come in other colors as well. This kit is the U.S. Divers Admiral Snorkel Set, and is reasonably priced considering what you get with it. It includes: mask, Island Dry LX Snorkel, Trek fin, and  carrying/storage bag

You can find all types of snorkel gear ranging in quality and prices. If you are planning to buy online, I believe this type of product should only be purchased from a strong reputable source. You can shop safely for snorkeling gear at amazon and they have a ton of snorkel equipment and accessories.

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More Snorkel Gear options
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seavenger diving snorkel set


This kit is called the Seavenger diving snorkel set. It includes what you see in this image here. It comes with a Dry Top snorkel, a pair of Trek fins, and a two windowed mask with tempered glass. The mask is designed to give you a decent panoramic view. All of this comes with a mesh carrying bag that is made with fast drying material. The example I have pictured here is black and pink, but you can select from other color schemes as well when you make your online order. See more camera angles, product details and customer review comments by clicking the image of this snorkel gear kit you see here.

phantom aquatics adult mask fin snorkel set


This is another snorkel gear kit similar to the ones discussed above, but with some design differences. They call this one the Phantom Aquatics adult snorkel kit. It comes with what you see in this image. This is the all black version, but you can select from a number of other colors and styles. Click the image of the black snorkeling kit seen here to find everything you need to know about this set.

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