Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

sobakawa cloud pillow


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The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is a micro-air bead comfort pillow. This particular pillow, and many other versions and similar products can be found through the following link:
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The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow used a micro-bead technology to make for cooling air flow, and to conform to the shape of your body. This shaping should help give support for troubling areas for sleeping, lounging, yoga and so on.
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 Many customer reviews to browse through and make an informed decision. Many people have reported an increase in sleep quality and pain relief from this product.


Whenever you have a large quantity of customer reviews, you will get some mixed reactions. In the case of this particular product, there are both good and bad reviews. Many reported positive results, but of course, there were also a bunch that did not find success with this product. Click through any link on this page to read more details and make an informed decision.


tempur pedic cloud standard pillow

This one is the Tempur Pedic brand cloud pillow. These are shape-able pillows that are designed to support your neck, back and more. You will be able to sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach with no issues. The material used is also allergen resistant and dust mite resistant. The cover can be quickly removed and washed. The customer reviews are somewhat mixed on this one, but mostly positive. You can read all those reviews both good and bad, by clicking the image of the pillow you see here. You will also find all details about this pillow and information about how to buy it.


contour cloud pillow

This one is called the Contour cloud pillow. It is more contoured, hence the name. The one shown here is called the standard size, but you can also get two other sizes of Queen and king.This is a memory foam pillow that shapes and forms to your head, neck, back or whatever you want to use it more. Click the picture of this cloud pillow for more details and learn how to order one online.

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