Soft Tip Darts


soft tip darts

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Soft Tip Darts

Soft Tip Darts come in a variety of styles and weights.
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One example of Soft Tip Darts is the Viper Sure Grip soft tip darts shown in the image to the left. These darts are available in different colors of grip and flights. Though there are tons of brands and styles, I chose this one because of the positive customer reviews.


More Soft Tip Darts
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set of 12 soft tip darts


This is a relatively inexpensive set of 12 soft tip darts. They are much lower on the cost scale but they have a whole bunch of positive customer review comments and ratings. You would get everything you see pictured here. Three darts of each of the four colors. They come in black, blue, green, and red as you can see here. You also get 100 black dart tips. It also includes a dart wrench. The wrench is used to tighten the tips to the barrel. The whole set comes with a handy carrying bag. See more information and buying details about this kit by clicking the image of the darts pictured here. You will also be able to read through a vast amount of customer review comments that are mostly positive.

fat cat jar soft tip darts


If a package of darts, or a kit of darts is not good enough for you, then how about a whole jar of them. This is called the Fat Car darts in a jar. It is a canister of 21 soft tip darts and includes the flights. The barrels are silver plated and these are 17 grams. They are all the same, so they are not ideal for having separation of types for competition with someone else. Click the image of this jar of darts to find a lot more details and specifications about these ones or to browse through a huge online inventory of other soft tip darts and dart accessories.

viper atomic bee soft tip darts


They call these ones the Viper Atomic Bee soft tip darts. These are 16 grams in weight. They have 6 bands of knurling to make it much easier to grip. This is a 3 pack. Shown here is the black banded version, but you can also get this same one but as purple, red, blue, and green. Click the image of the three darts you see here for a lot more details about these and many other similar darts.

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