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spinning rods

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Spinning Rods

One example of Spinning Rods is the ugly stick you see here. Check out all available spinning rods and other fishing rods in general through the following link:
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As I normally do throughout this site, I have selected the product with the best customer review rating. In this case, this example of available spinning rods is the Shakespeare Two-Piece Medium Action Ugly Stik Spinning Rod.
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Spinning Rods Pros: 

Good positive customer reviews to read through, and many different styles and sizes to select from.

Spinning Rods Cons: 

Could not find a specific flaw on the product in general. Read all product descriptions carefully and read all customer reviews to get the best information.


More Spinning Rods options
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shimano 2 piece spinning rod


This one is similar to the one discussed about, but this is from the Shimano brand. They call this one the Shimano Solora two piece spinning rod. These are medium power fast action rods. Plenty of positive customer reviews on this rod. Click the image to see all the reviews comments both good and bad. You will also see all the product specifications and learn how to buy these securely online from this source.

okuma tundra surf glass spinning rod


This one is the Okuma Tundra Surf Glass spinning rod. These are made with very durable glass fiber, and use ceramic guide inserts. This one is the TU-120. The TU-120 extends to 12 feet. You can also select from a variety of other models and lengths. You can get the TU-100, the TU-130, the TU-150, The TU-70, and the TU-80. To know the various lengths, you can simply just drop the last zero in the model number. For example, this TU-120 is 12 feet, the TU-100 is 10 feet, the TU-130 is 13 feet, and so on. See all product specifications about all of these models, or browse through a whole bunch of other similar spinning rods by clicking the image of this white Okuma Tundra rod you see here. You will also be able to read all the product review comments.

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