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stanley fatmax mobile work station tool box

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Stanley Fatmax Products

Many Stanley Fatmax products can be bought online safely and securely. Stanley Fatmax products include tape measures, screwdrivers, toolboxes, knives and many others. The Stanley Fatmax line of tools ranges from basic tools to very creative and innovative tools as you will see here.
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The Stanley Fatmax product seen above is the mobile toolbox. They call this the 4 in 1 Stanley Fatmax mobile work station for tools and parts. It features a telescoping handle mechanism for very easy portability, as it make for easy moving around the garage. Another great aspect is that this is more than just a storage or tool box, it also has the ability to help you hold things like lumber and pipe while you saw and cut it. So it is great as a mobil tool box, and as a tool in itself to help you with your projects. See more details about this product and read customer reviews by clicking the image you see above.

More Stanley Fatmax Products
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stanley fatmax waterproof led spotlight

This Stanley Fatmax product is an LED spotlight. As the image shows here, this particular model is waterproof. This is a great feature for working environments with plenty of water in the area. It also floats n the water and points up, which is a good thing in the event that you accidental drop it in the water. You will get up to 10 hours run time on a single charge. See more demonstration images, and product specifications by clicking the image here. You will also be able to read through some very insightful customer feedback comments, and plenty of them.

stanley fatmax clamping power strip


This is a cool and unique tool that could come in handy many times for many different projects. This is the Stanley Fatmax clamping power strip. Simply put, you can clamp this thing to pretty much anywhere and have power outlets wherever you need them throughout the shop. You plug it into an extension cord that is plugged into a wall outlet somewhere, and then attach the clamp to anything near by. The clamp has 3 power outlets on the back, which you can’t see every good in this image. Click the image of the yellow clamp seen here to find better camera angles, and to watch a demonstration video.

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