Star Trek Action Figures

star trek action figures

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Many different Star Trek action figures are available aside from the ones you see above. You can browse through all Star Trek figures and toys through the following link:
…Browse All Star Trek action figures here.

The only Star Trek figure that comes with the transporter set above is the captain Kirk figure. The others are sold separately. This transporter gives the illusion of a figure transporting to and from the base. See more details about how this works through the following link:

…More details about this Star Trek transporter toy here!



Many positive customer reviews. Great lights and sound.


Does not come with all the Star Trek figures seen in the image, it only comes with one.


classic star trek bridge figure set

This here is an entire Star Trek bridge and action figures set that includes several characters. Of course they refer to this as the classic set, because it is the original classic crew captained by the William Shatner captain Kirk. The set comes with Captain Kirk, Dr. Spock and more. There are 7 different crew members all together in this kit.

It also comes with a few accessories. This is a great collectible, or play set. Click the image of the box you see here for all the details you need to know, including a list and description of all the character figures that come in the box. You will also find customer review comments and you will be able to browse through a bunch of other Star Trek figurines and accessories.


star trek movie playmates figures spock

You can also buy individual Star Trek figurines of every type and generation of the series from this same source. The example shown here is the Dr. Spock from the Star Trek movie. It also comes with a bonus U.S.S Enterprise bridge parts. Read more details about this one and other crew member toys and accessories by clicking the image of this package seen here.

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