Swiss Roll Tin


swiss roll tin

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Swiss Roll Tins

This Swiss Roll Tin is only one of many available baking pans from this source. See them all through the following link:
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Many Swiss Roll Tin brands and sizes are offered by this source, but this one is reasonably priced. This is the Delia Smith Online Silverwood Swiss Roll Tin.
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Swiss Roll Tin Pros:

 In regards to this exact Swiss roll tin, it is designed with high quality alloy for quicker and more even baking. The price is not bad considering the quality.

Swiss Roll Tin Cons:

 At the time of typing this, there are currently no customer reviews to read about this baking tin. That does not indicate something bad, but it limits information available to make a sound buying decision.


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james martin bakers dozen stellar bakeware swiss roll tin


This one is similar in nature to the one discussed above. It is the James Martin bakers dozen Stellar bakeware Swiss roll tin. This baking sheet has 3 layers of a non-stick coating all the way around the whole thing. The main material is a highly durable steel,with rolled edges. You can safely place these in the dishwasher with no issues. The dimensions are 13 inches by 9 inches. You will also receive a recipe book from James Martin. Learn more about this one, or buy one by clicking the image of the James Martin baking pan seen here.

judge swiss roll tin


This is another simple Swiss roll tin option, but this one is a bit deeper than the one shown above. They call this one the Judge Swiss roll tin. The dimensions are 13.25 inches by 9 inches and 1 inch in depth. There is a 25 year guarantee on this one. Rolled edges like the one above as well. Click the image of the pan shown here for a lot more details and to read through many customer review comments on all of these. You will also be able to browse through a huge selection of Swiss roll tins of all types and dimensions available for online purchase from this source.

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