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synyster gates guitar

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Synyster Gates Guitars

The Synyster Gates Guitar from the Schecter brand is a very high quality intrument designed with the player in mind. Obviously named after the famous guitar player. Schecter makes the Synyster Gates Guitar in many styles, accompanied by many cool features.
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The Guitar depicted in the image on the left is just one example of what is available. This one is the Black Gloss Pimp Stripe version. I will be linking to the one with the most customer reviews on Amazon, but you can Browse All Synyster Gates Guitars here.

Synyster Gates, of course is the famous lead guitar player from the popular band known as Avenged Sevenfold. This is a nickname, as his real name is Brian Elwin Jr. If you search for images of him playing live on stage, you will notice that he often uses guitars thatare the same or similar to the Schecter guitars discussed on this page, hence the name.


More Synyster Gates Guitar options
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schecter 203 synyster electric guitar


This one is significantly higher on the cost scale than the version discussed above. This is the Synyster Gates Schecter 203. This is a standard 6 string electric guitar. It has the Seymour Duncan humbucker on the bridge, and the Sustainiac driver and pickup on the neck. The artwork is the black body and ebony frets with the silver pin stripes. This is a 24 fret guitar. This one does not come with a guitar case, but you can purchase cases and more separately from this same source. See more camera angles and close ups, as well as more product specifications by clicking the image of this guitar shown here. You will also be able to read through a bunch of very insightful customer feedback statements, and browse through many other Schecter electric guitars and accessories.

schecter synyster gates limited signature model guitar


This is a white version that is considered a limited signature edition. You can get this white body and golden pimp stripes version, or a red and black limited version. See details about both and more by clicking the image of the white schecter Synyster Gates guitar seen here.

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