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tac force knives

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TAC Force Knives

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The TAC Force Knives shown on this page is the Blue Dragon on the handle style. I chose to depict this one here because of the many positive customer reviews. It is 4.5 inches closed with a 3.5 inch blade. Also has a glass breaker on the end, which is a cool feature. Read more through the following link:
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TAC Force Knives Pros: 

Folds up easily for portability. Also has a clip. Tons of positive customer reviews which you can read through. Just click any link on this page to check it out.

TAC Force Knives Cons: 

The main thing that stands out as far as what was reported by customers, was the fact that it is a bit stiff opening and closing when it is brand new. You might need to work it in a bit.


More TAC Force Knives
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tac force assisted opening double blades knife


This one is a double blade TAC Force knife. As the name suggests, this version has two different blades all in one tool. One blade is serrated, and the one on the other side is not. They both fold inward and the whole unit is approximately 5 inches in length. This is the red version obviously, but you can get this in a green or black version. See more details about this one or browse through all the other TAC Force knives available from this source by clicking the picture of the dual blade knife seen here. You will also find a great demonstration video showing these knives in action.






tac force tf-640 series assisted opening folding knife


This one is known as the TAC Force TF-640 knife. It is a 3 inch blade with assisted opening technology just like the others discussed above. It also has a glass breaker at the end of it, and that backwards notch you see in the image is known as a seat belt cutter.  This is the black and rd version, but there are other colors available as well. Click the image of this knife seen here to find a lot more details and specifications about this one and to watch a great demo video. You will also be able to read customer review comments.


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