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tamiya paint

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Tamiya Paint

Tamiya Paint is a brand that specifically designs paint for models. The example portrayed here is just an example of what’s available. See all available Tamiya Paint options and other model accessories through the following link:
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The example of Tamiya Paint shown here is the Tamiya Polycarbonate White Spray Paint. This is a product that is used for mostly RC model painting and other similar types of projects. Click the image of the spray can shown above for a lot more details about this white spray paint and to read customer review comments.
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Tamiya Paint Pros:

 Decent customer reviews on this exact Tamiya spray paint, but many other options are available from the same source.

Tamiya Paint Cons: 

May not ship internationally depending on your country.


More Tamiya Paint options
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tamiya masking tape


The Tamiya brand has a diverse line of modelling painting products aside from just the paint discussed above. To see all the available paint and primer types and colors, just click any of the links and images displayed above. However, shown here, is another product available from this source. This is the Tamiya masking tape and dispenser. A great tool for taping over areas of your model that you do not want painted with that color. It goes on smooth, and removes efficiently without damaging the project. Click the image of this dispenser for more details.

tamiya grasshopper rc car


Along with the paint and model painting supplies available from the Tamiya brand, they also have RC cars like this one here. This is the Grasshopper RC car. See all details about this one and other similar RC products by clicking the picture of the RC car seen here.

tamiya spray work basic airbrush


Here is another modelling tool available from the Tamiya line. This is an airbrush that is relatively inexpensive. They call this the Tamiya spray work basic airbrush. It is recommended for ages 5 and up. Simple to use and simple in design. Paint your model more efficiently and accurately. Click the image of this airbrush for more product specifications.

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