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Teasing Brushes

You can find many different Teasing Brush options aside from the one you see here. Check them all out through the following link:
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The Teasing Brush you can see here, is the Phillips 3 Row Teasing Brush. This one is a top seller with plenty of good customer reviews.
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Teasing Brush Pros: 

As for this Philips teasing brush, the reviews are largely positive, which you can read for yourself.

Teasing Brush Cons: 

Apparently there is another generation of this product that is made as better quality than this one. Check out all product descriptions, customer comments good and bad, and more images by clicking through any link on this page.


More Teasing Brush options
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cricket amped up tease brush fushia


This one is called the Cricket amped up tease brush. This is the fushia version, but you can get it in several other colors such as aqua, purple, and a line of sparkle patterned designs. These are perfect for increasing hair volume and for updos. These are useful with any hair type. This is a very popular product with many positive customer reviews. Read all those reviews both good and bad by clicking the image of the teasing brush shown here. You will also find everything you need to know about this brush including product specifications and buying information.

conair slim teasing hair brush mixed boar


This one is from the Conair brand. This is called the Conair mixed boar bristle teasing brush. The alternating bristle lengths help to raise the hair. As the name suggests, these use boar bristles. The pointed end of the brush is also useful, in that you can use it to part and section your hair in the styling process. Click the image of the Conair teasing brush package seen here for a lot more details on this one, or to browse through many others.

teeze with eez purple


This is another popular and highly rated hair styling product. However, this one is not a brush, but rather, a teasing comb. Serves the same purposes as the teasing brushes discussed above, and it also has metal pins to help avoid static while you are combing your hair with it. Read more about this Teez with Eez teasing comb, and browse through other similar products by clicking the image of the purple comb you see here.

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