Thermos Water Bottle


thermos water bottle

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Thermos Water Bottles

The Thermos Water Bottle comes in a variety of styles and colors.
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The Thermos Water Bottle shown here is the blue version of the Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 18 oz Water Bottle. You can get it as two different styles. It has a locking mechanism for secure travel, and it is engineered to be condensation free, which is a great feature. 
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You can browse other Thermos Water Bottles if this one does not suit your needs. I selected this one simply due to the cool design and the amazing amount of positive customer reviews.


More Thermos Water Bottles
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thermos nissan intak hydration water bottle


This one is the Thermos Nissan Intak hydration water bottle with a counting meter. Much more than just a typical water bottle, this one has a few cool features. The first obvious feature that you notice right away by looking at it, is the ergonomic curved design. This makes it more comfortable in your hand. The one shown here is blue, but it also comes in red, green, purple, magenta, and smoke. The lid opening uses a push button for a cleaner and more hygienic opening process. It also makes it easier to open with one hand,which is great for use while biking or using exercise equipment. There is also a rotating ring with numbers that you can turn each time you refill so you can track exactly how much your daily water intake has been. There are a whole ton of customer reviews on this product, with the vast majority of them being on the positive side. You can read all the comments both good and bad, and also read more about this Thermos water bottle and how to buy one, by clicking the picture of the Thermos water bottle you see here.

thermos vacuum insulated stainless steel hydration bottle


This is the Thermos vacuum insulated hydration bottle. As the name suggests, it uses vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention. Read more about this and watch a demonstration video by clicking the image of this Thermos water bottle seen here.

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