Trailer Tool Boxes


trailer tool box

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Trailer Tool Boxes

Many Trailer Tool Box options are available for purchase online. The trailer tool box is also known as a tongue box. See all available styles and sizes through the following link:
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This Trailer Tool Box aka tongue box you see here is the Tradesman Aluminum Trailer Tongue Box with locking mechanism.
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Trailer Tool Box Pros: 

Many styles and colors to meet your needs. Before you order, you can select sizes of your vehicle or trailer to get the right one for your needs. Click through any link on this page to get started.

Trailer Tool Box Cons: 

Be sure to read all product descriptions carefully to get the right size and durability that your require. Some of these boxes are flimsier than others. If you need better strength, you may need to spend a bit more, and they can get pricey. Check out all available options by clicking any link on this page.


More Trailer Tool Box options
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polymer trailer tongue toolbox


This is the same tongue design as the one shown above. They call this one the polymer trailer tongue tool box. It has a 36 inch depth. These are ideal for most small and medium sized trailers. It has a zinc plated hasp styled hatch where you can put a lock on it to keep your tools and gear safe guarded. This is designed to not rust or dent. See more details about this tool box or browse through many other similar trailer boxes available for online purchase from this source by clicking the picture seen here.

low profile trailer tool box


This one is another example of a tongue shape style of trailer A-frame tool box. This one is a silver aluminum with an insulated and beveled lid. It is considered low profile as the depth is 34 inches. Click the image of this tool box for more details about this box and to read through customer review comments both good and bad.

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