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tree tents

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Tree Tents

The Tree Tent concept is like the love child of a regular tent and a hammock. Sleep above ground in a covered tent in the trees. Check out all Tree Tent options through the following link:
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The best example of the Tree Tent is the one seen up above. This Tree Tent is the Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Asym. Of course I picked this one out because of the good customer reviews. Read more about this tent or others through the following link:
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Tree Tent Pros: 

Stay above ground, which could be an advantage depending our your situation and surroundings. The reviews on this exact Tree Tent shown on this page has mostly positive reviews. Read all reviews good and bad through the links on this page.

Tree Tent Cons: 

Read all descriptions carefully to make sure you are getting a good quality tree tent. If you get a terribly made version, you may risk losing the strength to hold the weight that you require.


More Tree Tent options
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texsport wilderness hammock with mosquito netting


This hammock here also includes a mosquito net. This is the Texsport Wilderness hammock with mosquito netting. It actually encloses all around you and uses meshing that is small enough to keep out bugs as small as no see ums. These are ideal for hiking or hunting trips where you plan to be in deep wooded areas with plenty of pesky bugs all around you. It has a 250 pound weight limit, which is good for the average person. The dimensions of the hammock part are 28 inches by 18 inches, and the depth of the enclosure is 82 inches. Click the image of this tree hammock for more details on this one and to browse through a bunch of other similar products.

hammock bliss sky tent 2


This is called the Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2. It is a tent that hangs up in the trees, and within the tent you can fit one or two individual hammocks to sleep one or two people. It also provides space for camping equipment and gear. Click the image of this tree tent for a lot more product details and buying information.

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