Treeless Saddles


treeless saddles

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Treeless Saddles

One available example of Treeless Saddles is the one shown here. See all treeless saddles and other riding gear through the following link:
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One popular version of Treeless Saddles is the one shown up above. This one is the Large blue Down Under Saddle Supply Kimberley Ultra Light Treeless Saddle.
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Treeless Saddles Pros: 

Treeless Saddles make for better comfort for both you and the horse. Being treeless allows you to move forward a bit further for better comfort and control. Many other treeless saddles to browse through besides this one example here. Ships internationally in most cases.

Treeless Saddles Cons:

 Not much for customer reviews to read through. Might not be a bad sign, but it does limit information available to make a buying decision.


More Treeless Saddle options
Clickable Images

treeless western endurance pleasure trail saddle


This one is called the Hilason Western treeless endurance pleasure trail saddle. This one actually uses premium quality genuine smooth cow leather for both the skirt and the seat. The base material is made from quality synthetic wool. You can select from four different sizes upon ordering online. You can get buy these easily online from this source safely and securely and it can ship directly to your door in most cases. Click the image of this saddle shown here for a lot more details about this one, or to browse through many other treeless saddles offered from this source.

treeless saddle round skirt mahogany harness


This one is somewhat high on the cost scale, but as they say, you get what you pay for. This one is high quality, and it is a very beautifully designed saddle. They call this one the Hilason Western treeless saddle with a round skirt and a mahogany harness. The horn is leather and the cantle is 4.5 inches. Click the image of this saddle shown here for a lot more details and to see more camera angles of this product. You will also be able to read customer review comments and browse through many other treeless saddles.

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