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trolley jack

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Trolley Jacks

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The Trolley Jack is made by several different brands. The Trolley Jack you see here happens to be the Torin 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack in a Plastic Case. Great for most basic vehicle jacking purposes.
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Trolley Jack Pros:

 As I usually do on this site, I have picked this jack out to feature mainly because of the great number of positive customer reviews. Of course there are also many others to choose from by following the various links you see on this page.

I also like the fact that this particular jack comes with a hard plastic carrying case. I personally own a very similar jack which I love, and have used many times, but it did not included the carrying case. I wish I had bought this one instead.

Trolley Jack Cons: 

This one does not include Jack stands. If you follow the links on this page, you can find kits that do include them, which may be a better bargain. You can read both positive and negative reviews and comments through the various links found on this page.


More Trolley Jack options
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powerzone 3 ton aluminum steel garage jack


This one is a number one best seller with tons of positive customer reviews that you can read through. It is made of a light weight yet strong and durable steel. It also features padding on the saddle to lessen the potential for damage to the vehicle’s frame. The rear wheels swivel so you can easily steer the jack into the exact right place. There is also a safety mechanism built in to avoid overloading. Click the image of this silver trolley jack for more details on this one and to browse through a wide selection of others.

torin 2 ton trolley jack with stand


You can also get more value in your purchase by buying bundles or kits like the one shown here. This is a set that contains a trolley jack and a pair of good quality jack stands. This is just one example of many available, so click the image for more information about this one, or other sets.

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