Tungsten Darts


tungsten darts

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Tungsten Darts

You can find Tungsten Darts made from different brands, and packages of various quantities and styles.
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The benefit of having a dart made from tungsten, is the improved control that comes from having a thinner dart.

The tungsten darts shown on this page is the Nodor brand 3 pack of steel tipped darts. They are made of an ultra dense, 80 percent tungsten alloy. So you get the weight you need packed into a thinner, more easy to handle dart. They include spare flights as well.


More Tungsten Darts options
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accudart tungsten dart set


This one is a set that includes a holding box to take them with you wherever you play darts. They call this the Accudart 90 percent tungsten dart set. It comes with everything you see pictured here. You would be getting 3 revolver shafts, and also a 3 set of aluminum graph-tite shafts. It also comes with a set of Dimplex flights, and an extra set of 3D flights. Some decent positive review comments to read through about these. Click the image to read all reviews both good and bad, as well as to get a lot more product details and buying information.

tg tungsten dart set pro style


These Tungsten darts are only 85 percent tungsten, however, they have a very large number of positive customer reviews by people who have purchased and used these exact darts. This is a good indication of a reliable product. This is another dart set that comes inside a carrying case,and also includes extra back up parts and accessories. You would get 3 tungsten barrels with machine grooved grip3 sets of high performance flights. The kit also includes extra options as well. Read more about what is included in this kit, or browse through a bunch of other similar tungsten darts and dart accessories, by clicking the image of the kit seen here.

viper blitz tungsten steel tip darts


Here is another set of tungsten darts available from this source. These are 95 percent tungsten darts called the Viper Blitz tungsten steel tip darts. These are a bit higher on the cost scale, but once again, it should be stated that you generally get what you pay for. Click the image of these darts seen here for a lot more specifications and buying details about these and many others.

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