Twin Baby Carrier

twin baby carrier

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The twin baby carrier concept is available in a couple different formats that I am aware of.  The version you see above is a harness style. Also available are wrap versions, meaning it is a long cut out piece of cloth that folds and forms a baby carrier when the instructions are followed. Both versions and many styles can be found through the following link:
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As I said before,  the above version of the twin baby carrier, is the harness kind. It can be worn in 5 different ways and can be used as a single baby carrier if you so choose. For more product details, prices, and more images, click through the following link:
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Pros: The harness style is easy to setup and has the option to be used with a single baby instead of twins. Plenty of customer reviews to reference.

Cons: The customer reviews are very mixed on not only the above harness twin baby carrier, but the other versions as well. Some people totally love their new hands free experience with their twins, and some people just hated it and couldn’t get it to fit right. Read all details and customer reviews through any of the links on this page and judge for yourself.



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