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nike usa away stadium jersey 2014

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USA Soccer Jerseys

The USA Soccer Jersey has a wide range of styles and designs over the years and leagues. As well as the difference in the home and away jersey. What is shown here is only one example of many. Check out all of the available USA Soccer Jersey Designs through the following link:
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Here you are looking at the red,white and blue 2014 Nike Jersey. This is officially licensed by the World Cup. You can get this jersey from this source in most sizes, including a version for babies. Find more about this one or browse through many others by clicking the following link:
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USA Soccer Jersey Pros: 

Good customer reviews to report so far on this particular USA Soccer Jersey. Many different styles to choose from.

USA Soccer Jersey Cons: 

Whenever you buy something online, you have to be confident in your fitting sizes since you can’t try it on through the computer. Measure carefully, and read all product descriptions carefully.


More USA Soccer Jersey options
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nike mens 2014 world cup usa home stadium soccer jersey


This one is a white version of the official 2014 home stadium USA soccer jersey from the Nike brand. It features the USA emblem as well as the Nike logo both printed on the front side. The collar and sleeves have a thin red trim. You can select the right size for you upon ordering. See more camera angles and all product specifications and details by clicking the image you see here. You will also find customer review statements and ratings, as well as be able to browse through other similar USA soccer jerseys.

usa soccer training jersey


Not only can you find all different types of official USA soccer jerseys, but you can get training jerseys like the one shown here. This is a red white white trim and white USA font training jersey shirt. It also has the USA patch on the upper left side of the chest. This option is more of a shirt than a jersey, but it is styled like a jersey. You can click this image to find a lot more information about this one and to browse through many others. You will also find all kinds of customer feedback statements by people who have experience buying and wearing these exact USA soccer training jersey styled shirts.

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