Viyella Shirts

viyella tartan plaid sport shirt

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Viyella Shirts

Viyella Shirts come in a huge selection of styles and colors, but are generally a plaid pattern. You can find much more than just the sample version I am showing on this page. Check out all Viyella Shirts through the following link:
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I picked out the example of Viyella Shirts seen here due to good trusted source, but many others can be found through the links on this page. The Viyella Shirt shown here is the Tartan and wine colored plaid button up sport shirt with long sleeves. See more details about this one and others by clicking the following link:
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Viyella Shirts Pros: 

A very high quality and classic style of shirt. Many styles and colors to select from. These particular shirts are no iron, which means you don’t have to worry about ironing. That alone, could make the cost worth it.

Viyella Shirts Cons: 

Not a lot of reviews to read through on these Viyella Shirts, which is not a bad sign necessarily, but it does limit the quantity of available information to make a wise buying decision. Depending on your budget, some of these can be pretty costly, but as they say, you get what you pay for, and these are considered to be high quality shirts.



More Viyella Shirt options
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viyella button front cardigan sweater

This example of a Viyella shirt is drastically different than the types of shirts available for online purchase from this source. This is a deep v neck button up styled cardigan sweater. This is a high quality shirt that tends to lean to the higher end of the cost scale. See more details about this one and others by clicking the image of the sweater seen here.

viyella mens plaid sport shirt


There are hundreds of different Viyella shirts available from this source. Shown here is another example with good customer reviews. They call this color chestnut. You can get this exact same plaid version in a purple version. Click this image of the chestnut plaid Viyella button up sport shirt for a lot more information about this one, and to browse through many different versions of these shirts.

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