Wall Mounted Fans


wall mounted fans

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Wall Mounted Fans

What you are looking at here is just one example of available wall mounted fans from the same source. I selected this one out of the bunch due to a great number of customer reviews to read through. You can find many other wall mounted fans through the following link:
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This version of wall mounted fans is the Air King Commercial Grade, 18 inch diameter Oscillating Wall Mount Fan. They mount easily to the wall and are connected by wire to a control switch. See more images and details through the following link:
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Wall Mounted Fans Pros: 

Save space by mounting them on the wall instead of having to walk around it on the floor. Especially good in a commercial environment. Great positive customer feed back on this exact wall mount fan. Many others to choose from besides this one.

Wall Mounted Fans Cons: 

Most of the reviews for this fan are very positive, however, several of the negative comments are pretty scathing to say the least, The plastic material was supposedly flimsy. The best thing to do is read all reviews both good and bad and be your own judge on this one. You can also check out other wall mounted fans from the same source.


More Wall Mounted Fan options
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This one is called the Air King high velocity multi mount wall fan. These have a rear mounted pull chain on and off switch and three different speed settings. These use a 12 inch powder coated metal blade setup. Click the image of this fan for more specifications, or to browse through many other similar types of wall mounting fans.

holmes wall mountable fan


This is another type of wall mountable fan available for online purchase from this source. This is the Holmes fan with a 16 inch blade, and an oscillation option for a wide blowing range. These fans are made with a very durable metal cage, and is operated using a knob and pull chains. Click the image of this fan for a lot more information.

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