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wellgo pedals

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Wellgo Pedals

Wellgo Pedals are designed for a combination of durability and being as light weight as possible for bikes. The Wellgo Pedals you see here are only one good example of what’s available from this source. See all Wellgo pedals through the following link:
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I selected this particular version of Wellgo Pedals to show here based on great customer review ratings. This set of bike pedals is the Wellgo Mg 1 Magnesium Platform Pedal 9/16. This is the white one, but this style is also available as black.
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Wellgo Pedals Pros:

 Wellgo is a well known brand in the biking industry and one of the top producers. The Wellgo Pedals here have an almost perfect customer review rating and comments which you can read yourself. Made from a die cast magnesium body which makes it strong yet light weight.

Wellgo Pedals Cons: 

Might not ship internationally depending on your country. People in the U.S. will be fine though.


More Wellgo Pedals options
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wellgo road bike pedals cleats


These ones shown here are the Wellgo brand road bike pedals that are compatible with cleats. They are Look ARC compatible, but that is not included. The body and the cage are aluminum. It comes with what you see in this image here. Check out everything you need to know about these pedals, or browse through a massive selection of other similar bike pedals from Wellgo and from other brands and makers as well. You will also be able to read through all customer feedback statements both good and bad by people who have experience ordering and using these exact Wellgo pedals.

wellgo touring clipless pedals


This example shown here is one of a pair of Wellgo touring clipless pedals with a standard 9/16 ” thread to fit most situations. These work as standard platform on the one side, and a clipless format on the other side. They call this the Wellgo WPD-M-17C Touring Clipless Pedals. Click the pedal seen here to find a whole pile of product specifications regarding this one, and to browse through the giant inventory of other similar bike pedals and cleats.

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