Wet Brush

wet brush detangling brush


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The Wet Brush is a detangling brush for both kids and adults. I have another detangling brush on this site called the Knot Genie. The main difference with this one is the fact that it has the full handle.

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The Wet Brush is designed to take out knots and tangles without the pulling and pain. These ones come in different colors as well. Check out more details about these through the following link:
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The obvious positive is that it does as advertised and removes tangles without all the tears. What’s interesting is that this specific product has a whole pile of customer reviews that are mostly positive. You can read the comments good and bad through the provided links on this page.


As you can read from the reviews, there is a percentage of people who found that it simply did not work for them. They are in the minority of buyers, but it does happen.


wet brush shower brush

This one is not that different from the one discussed above. However, this one has a very high number of customer review comments, with most of the ratings being very high. This means that people who have experience buying this particular wet brush seem to be very satisfied with this product overall. You can get various colors so each member of the family can have their own personal brush. Click the package of this wet brush detangling brush you see here for a lot more product details and learn more about how to buy this securely online from this source. You will also be able to read through all the customer reviews both good and bad that I mentioned.


wet brush squirt mini pocket detangling hair brush

This line of wet brushes shown here are a mini wet brush option that is great for either kids or for packing for travel, as they take up less space. Learn more about these and how to buy them by clicking the mini Wet brushes you see here.

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