White Gold Engagement Rings


white gold engagement rings

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White Gold Engagement Rings

White Gold Engagement Rings are available in a wide range of styles and costs, so do your homework.

There is nothing that says you have to have the word “engagement” in the name of the product. It all depends on your taste, and the taste of your eventually life mate. However, there seems to be a common style of engagement ring that is accepted in our culture.

The image up above is a typical example of white gold engagement rings that your spouse would expect to receive. Mixed reviews on this specific engagement ring, but you can browse many many rings. Other styles are available of course. This one is a 1/4 Carat total diamond weight, 10 Karat white gold.
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Engagement rings come in a wide range of costs and will all depend upon your budget. The general rule of thumb that I have always heard, is 6 months of salary is reasonable for the price range. Of course that would have some obvious limitations. If you are basically broke, 6 months of nothing is no ring at all. If you are insanely wealthy, you might second guess paying millions for a piece of jewelry. It’s all up to you I guess.


More White Gold Engagement Ring options
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round cut 14k white gold elegant twisiting split shank diamond engagement ring


To give you a rough idea of the cost range, the ring discussed above is a bit lower on the general cost scale, while this one seen here is much higher on the cost scale. Depending on your budget, you can find every style and cost range that suits your needs from this secure online source. What you see on this page are only examples out of many rings available. The one you see here is a .94 Carat diamond ring setting on 14K white gold, and features the twisted split shank design. It has several other high quality diamonds as well. It comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a 30 day guarantee. See everything you need to know about this ring and many others as well. You will also be able to read through customer review comments, and learn how to buy these safely and securely online from this source.

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