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wika pressure guage

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WIKA Pressure Guages

The WIKA Pressure Guage is made in a variety of styles and uses. The guage shown here is just one of many examples. Find the right one for your needs through the following link:
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The WIKA Pressure Guage you see here is the WIKA Process Pressure Gauge with Thermoplastic Case and Stainless Steel 316L Wetted Parts.
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WIKA Pressure Guage Pros: 

A well known brand in the industry, and from a reliable source in my opinion anyway. I like the fact that this seller provides detailed and interactive charts to help you find the exact WIKA Pressure Guage for your needs. Click through any link on this page to see what I mean.

WIKA Pressure Guage Cons: 

Not too many reviews to read through. May not be an indication of a bad thing, but it does limit the information for you to use in making a well informed buying decision.


More WIKA Pressure Guage options
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digital wika pressure guage


This is an example of a digital pressure guage from the WIKA brand. Obviously, this is much higher on the cost scale due to the fact that it is digital and higher quality. These pressure guages come in different versions that have different PSI ranges. You can see the long list of available ranges and read all the specifications about these by clicking the image of the one you see here. You will be able to select your PSI range guage upon placing your online order. You will also be able to read through customer review comments both good and bad.

wika  industrial pressure gauge stainless steel


This example of a WIKA pressure gauge is an industrial version. The case is stainless steel, and the and the wetted parts are a copper alloy. Once again just like the ones discussed above, this version is offered in various psi ranges. The one shown here goes to 3000 as you can see, but you can browse through a list of ranges available and the associated cost. Click the image of this pressure gauge for a lot more product specifications and to browse through many other pressure gauges from this source including other WIKA brand gauges and other brands as well.


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