Windproof Umbrella

windproof umbrella black

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The windproof umbrella concept uses special metal reinforcements to make the umbrella stronger and more resistant to wind gusts. The example of a windproof umbrella shown above is just that, an example. You can browse through a wide range of windproof and other types of umbrellas through the following link:
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The windproof umbrella shown above is called the GustBuster Metro. This one has a 43 inch canopy. The one shown here is black, but you can choose from a variety of different colors. See more images and watch videos about the GustBusters through the following link:
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Really good customer reviews that you can read through, as most people seem satisfied with this product. Tons of colors to select from.  The carrying sheath is a backpack sling style for easy carrying. You can close it up to fit in a purse or briefcase. The mechanism is a pinch free open close system.Wind tested to 55 miles per hour.


 Most reviews for positive, and plenty of them, however, some people have reported that the umbrella worked great initially, then slowly deteriorated piece by piece and didn’t last all that long. That might just be a few unfortunate circumstances. Read all reviews and judge for yourself through the provided links above.



samsonite windguard auto open aqua blue


This one is from the well known and trusted Samsonite brand. They call this the Samsonite Wind Guard umbrella with the automatic opening feature. This is the aqua blue colored version but you can get this exact umbrella in a solid black version as well. The entire length of this umbrella when it is folded up is approximately 17 inches. Click the image of this blue wind proof umbrella seen here for more details on this product and to learn how to buy these securely online from this source.

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