Wooden Floor Lamps


wooden floor lamps

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Wooden Floor Lamps

Of all the available Wooden Floor Lamps, I picked out this particular one based on customer review ratings. However, many others are available. Check them all out through the following link:
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The example of Wooden Floor Lamps shown here is the Walnut Adesso Hamptons Floor Lamp. Stands 65 inches in height with a walnut finish pole.
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Wooden Floor Lamps Pros: 

Majority of the customer feed back leans to the upside. Free shipping on this exact lamp. Perfect if you need a floor lamp that is narrow and therefore takes up very little space. Ships internationally in most cases.

Wooden Floor Lamps Cons: 

While most reviews were positive, some had issues with assembly and felt that it stood a bit crooked. You can read all reviews good and bad through the various links provided on this page.


More Wooden Floor Lamp options
Clickable Images

ambience light floor lamp rectangular shade


This is an interesting type of wooden floor lamp that also has a fairly decent number of positive customer review comments and ratings. They call this one the Ambience light floor lamp with a rectangle shade. The wood used here is known as metropolitan cherry. It is a little different than the standard straight pole. It looks very elegant with a rectangular space. See more camera angles and read more about this one by clicking the image of the wooden floor lamp you see pictured here. You will also find many customer review comments that you can read through,and you will be able to browse through a huge online inventory of other similar lamps and furniture.

cherry finish wood surveyor tripod floor lamp


This is another interesting and unique type of wooden floor lamp. However, this one has customer feedback ratings that are somewhat mixed. This on is called the Cherry finish wood surveyour tripod floor lamp. As the name suggests, the stand on this one is not unlike a typical tripod would expect to find with a camera. You can adjust it exactly how you want it whenever you want. Click the image of this tripod floor lamp for a lot more product details and buying information.


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