Wooden Playhouse


wooden playhouse

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Wooden Playhouse

The Wooden Playhouse can be a fun experience for the whole family. Let your child’s imagination go crazy!

Could you imagine if your parents got you one one of these when you were a kid? Well, maybe they did if you were lucky. One popular brand that makes these realistic playhouses is “KidKraft”. The image up above is one example of many variations of wooden playhouse they have available. Another popular brand is “Winchester”.

Depending on the size of your yard and your budget, you can select from a wide variety of wooden playhouse options. They come in very basic and inexpensive open forms, all the way up to complex houses with a porch and rooms, and all kinds of accessories.

The kids will play for hours and hours outside in the fresh air.

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winchester wooden activity playhouse

This one is one of the Winchester playhouses as mentioned above. It is mostly wood and is very popular, so it is not always available. Plenty of positive customer reviews on this one, as people seem to be very satisfied with this product. Click the image of this playhouse seen here for more details, and to check current availability. If it is currently unavailable, you can still browse through many other playhouse options from this same source and have them shipped directly to your door.


More Wooden Playhouse options
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kidkraft outdoor playhouse


This is another great example from Kidkraft of wooden playhouses that have a great deal of positive reviews. It is a very simple design that is perfect for any small or medium sized yard for more than one child to play in at a time. The wood is treated to stand up to the outdoor elements and last a long time. The parts would ship to you for assembly, but the instructions make it very simple to put together with basic tools. There is a door and windows that all open and close with hinged openings. It also includes a mailbox for more realistic playing. Check out everything you need to know about this one, or browse through many other similar wooden playhouses by clicking the image of the one you see here.

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