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wwe rumblers

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WWE Rumblers

WWE Rumblers are available individually, or as packs. You can also get WWE accessories and wrestling rings.
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The WWE Rumblers shown here are part of an entire kit. The Rumblers kit includes 10 Rumblers wrestlers (Rey Mysterio, John Cena, The Miz, Randy Orton, Ezekiel Jackson, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Sheamus & Sincara).

It also includes a couple garbage cans, and a wrestling ring.
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More WWE Rumblers options
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wwe rumblers ultimate warrior sheamus 2 pack


You can also get WWE Rumblers in pairs, like this example of a 2 pack seen here. This particular set is the Ultimate Warrior and Sheamus. These are mini action figures with giant top ends. Click the image of this package to find a lot more product details about this set or to browse through all the other available pairs that generally represent classic rivalries from WWE history and the present. You will also find more camera angles, and a great demonstration video that you can watch to see how these can work and fight.

wwe rumblers stone cold the rock figures


This example is the two pack of rumblers that includes Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock. Click the package you see here for more details and to watch the demonstration videos. You will also find customer review comments both good and bad to read through.

wwe rumblers blastin breakdown playset


Along with many officially licensed WWE Rumblers figurines, you can also get playsets and rings to help you play with your Rumblers. One highly rated example of this is the one you see pictured here. They call this the WWE Rumblers Blastin Breakdown playset. As the name suggests, this is a set that includes a breakdown ring and two launchers. This is a game where you launch your WWE Rumbler over the top to break the ceiling, then the floor of the ring. The first person to break the ring floor s the winner. It is a more elaborate and active game similar to “Break the Ice”. This particular set includes a John Cena and an Alberto Del Rio rumbler to get you started. To make it more fun, you could browse through and buy a bunch of other characters as well.

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