Original Slush Mug

original slush mug

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Homemade brain freeze!

The Original Slush Mug will allow you to make home made Slurpees in minutes!

The Original Slush Mug comes in 4 colors. RedBluePurple, and Teal.
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How does it work?

Step 1: Place the “Glacier-core” in the freezer or deep freeze for about 6 hours. The “Glacier-core” is the white inner cup thing you can see in the images here. It contains a special non toxic fluid that makes the freezing process a lot more rapid.

 Step 2: Take the Glacier-core out of the freezer and place it inside the insulated slush mug.

Step 3: Pour your beverage of choice into the slush mug, stirring occasionally for about 6 minutes. That’s it!

Why is the Slush Mug better than using a blender and ice?
Adding ice to your drink is more like a snow-cone, and waters it down. The original slush mug provides a crystallization effect that closely mimics the “Slurpee” effect, so you can enjoy the real deal!

How long will my slushee last?
Your beverage will keep a slushy consistency for approximately 2 hours.

Will I ever need to replace the “glacier-core”?
The glacier-core is designed to last a long but, but should anything happen to it, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Will it turn literally every beverage into a slushee?
Unfortunately no. The short answer is it will work on any drink containing real sugars. In other words, the Slush Mug will not work on diet sodas or anything that is artificially sweetened.

Is the Original Slush Mug dishwasher safe?
It’s debatable, but it is best not to wash it in the dishwasher as you may risk warping the mug or glacier-core.

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I personally own one of these slush mugs, and I can say it does work. I would recommend getting more than one though. I only bought one slush mug, and I wish I got at least two so I could always keep a rotation of slush mugs in the freezer while one is in use.

The Slush Mug comes with recipes and drink ideas. I have not yet tried them all. I plan to test them out and post results here.


 Depending on the altitude where you live, and the drink being used, it usually takes a bit longer than the advertised 6 minutes. I find it is usually more like 10 minutes give or take, but still worth it. You pretty much have to freeze the glacier core overnight to be rock hard frozen, or else it will work much slower.


squeezy freezy instant slushy maker


This one is called the Squeezy Freezy instant slushy maker. This is one of those as seen on tv types of products. It works by squeezing it. The reviews are somewhat mixed on this product, so it may not be as good as the original slush mug discussed above. Read more about how this slush maker works by clicking the image of the package you see here. You will also be able to read the customer review comments.

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