The Darts Scorer allows you to easily keep score of your dart game, and make speed up game play. No [...]

Finger Drums are the perfect cure for your fidgeting habits around the office. These desktop drum kits come in two [...]

The Rainbow in my Room bedroom light toy by the Uncle Milton brand, will give you the illusion that a [...]

  The Remote Control Snake operates with a 4 directional remote, and is easy to operate. The slithering action is created [...]

The Daddle Saddle by Cashel takes the horseback ride to a whole new level. They call it the “Dad Saddle” [...]

Get the remote control rat, or heck just get a bunch of them and create an entire remote control [...]

The DIY ukulele kit you see here is only one type available. Check out all homemade ukulele kits through the [...]

No Pop Bubbles Touchable Bubbles! Finally, someone came up with a recipe for bubbles that don’t pop. These [...]

Carpet Sliders For shoes are carpet skates for indoor skating. The ones you see in the promo image above [...]

The Remote Control Zombie would be the perfect gift for the zombie lover in your life, or better yet, the [...]

The main thing that attracted me to the Fyrflyz Light  Toy, was the price point compared to various comments [...]

One of the latest and coolest RC products I know of. The Air Swimmers Remote Control Shark. They also have other [...]