Candy Lips have been around for a long time and are now made in different ways by different brands. [...]

The Toxic Waste Candy you see here are individually wrapped bulk packs of the sour candy. Great for parties or [...]

You can get Sugar Free Candy of all kinds, regardless of your reasons. Be it diabetic, low carb dieting, or [...]

Uncle Oinker’s Gummy Bacon is the perfect candy for those who are paranoid of people stealing their food. Confuse everyone [...]

This Giant Gummy Bear is the world’s largest gummy bear. Weighing 5 lbs, it is the equivalent of 1400 regular [...]

Never be without a tripod ever again. The bottle cap tripod fits over the lid of most bottles. [...]

This samurai umbrella – sword handle umbrella,  is the first of the 3 sword umbrellas I am featuring on this page. It is [...]

      The Crystal Skull Shotglass shown here is hand blown and holds 2.5 ounces. This skull [...]

The Canon Mugs camera lens mugs are among the coolest and most unique ways to enjoy a drink and fool [...]

    Be the creepiest baby shower host ever, by baking fetus cookies with this fetus cookie cutter. Cut [...]

    Holy Moly! It’s Holy Toast! “Mmmmm…..sacrilicious!” – Homer J. Simpson The Virgin Mary Holy Toast Stamper you see [...]