Real Life Baby Dolls

real life baby dolls

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These Real Life Baby Dolls are exactly as the the name states. Very real looking baby dolls that come in a variety of sizes and expressions.

The one you see in the image here, is just one popular example. See them all through the following link:
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This example of Real Life Baby Dolls is the newborn baby girl straight from the nursery. This is the La Newborn Real Girl.

Complete with the pink cloth diaper and a hospital style wrist band. This is a popular and highly rated version of the doll, but others are available as well.
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This particular baby doll is a top seller with good customer reviews. Obviously very life like. Ships internationally in most cases.


The only negative that stood out to me was regarding the smell. One person points out the advertised “scent” was not a very pleasant one for them. Read all reviews and descriptions and be your own judge. Do that through any of the links you see on this page.


denise farmer cherish real life baby doll


This one is even creepier than the one above, but in a very impressive way, if that makes sense. This one is very life like. It almost seems as though they used a real baby model to take this picture. This is a very real life looking baby doll that includes what you see in this picture. You get the doll itself, the jumper, the pacifier, and it also comes complete with a hospital wrist band. This version is to obviously depict a newborn baby just out of the delivery room. Click the image of this newborn baby doll seen here to see more camera angles, get a lot more product details and buying information, and to read through tons of customer review comments by people who have experience buying these dolls.

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