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remote control air shark

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One of the latest and coolest RC products I know of. The Air Swimmers Remote Control SharkThey also have other versions such as the remote control air clown fish, a bass fish, a whale, or even some from the “angry birds” product line.

I own one of these Remote Control Shark air swimmers personally, and it was a huge hit at my son’s birthday party. That video is below. It does require a bit of set up and therefore some occasional cursing, but once it’s up and running, it is very cool! Get someone to help you with the set up.
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I hope they keep coming out with more of these remote control air balloon concepts. For now I can tell you about this frightening great white air shark balloon. For an RC (remote control) toy, it is massive!

It is  almost 5 feet long (57 inches if you include the tail), and it is 3 feet high (36 inches including fins). Despite it’s overwhelming size, it is quite easily handled, even by a child. If you watch the Air Shark videos on this page, you will notice some of the people move it, or bat it away with a single hand.

It is very light weight as you would expect a balloon would be.
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How the Remote Control Shark works: What makes the the Air Shark Air Swimmer float is helium. It is “driven” by using a wireless easy to use RC (remote control). The remote control is infra red technology that ranges approximately 40 feet. The remote control has two buttons. One button controls the left or right movement of the shark tail and shark head. This is how you control the direction. The other button moves a weight back and forth on the bottom of the Air Shark which will create a raising or lowering of the shark. This remote control shark is safe for children to operate (the manufacturer recommends age 8+). I would say, if a child can operate a remote control car, and operate a large helium balloon, then surely they can handle a remote control helium air shark balloon.

How to fill the Remote Control Shark: Both Air Swimmers (Air Shark and Air Fish) require helium. The helium is not included with this product when you buy it, but you can get any local florist or gift shop that sells helium balloons to fill it for you. I have never had to do that, so I don’t know if there is a fee for that. This is a minor issue though, as once it is filled up, it will stay filled for quite a long time (approx. 2 weeks).
You could also purchase a helium tank

How to Store the Remote Control Shark Air Swimmer: This is one of the coolest and very ingenious things I noticed about this product. There is a tie down mechanism that connects to the remote control. The remote control can be filled with excess putty for added weight. When you put the weighted remote control down on the floor, it acts as a miniature anchor to hold down the shark balloon.  You can view images and videos below of what I am talking about.


A hit at most parties, especially for kids parties. Relatively inexpensive for the amount of entertainment that it provides. Many other remote control air swimmers available besides the shark depicted here. You can also get a clown fish, a bass fish, and also some Angry Birds products.


It does take a bit of manual setup that can be sort of annoying the first time you do it. I do recommend having a helper to put it together. The main reason for helping hands is to hold the inflated shark balloon while you place the components on to the shark. It is possible to do it alone, but you will curse much less with help. I know this first hand, because I tried to set it up myself, and several minutes of foul language later, I ended up getting assistance from my wife. The other down side is that it requires helium that is not included in the kit. I got a helium tank from Walmart for around 20 or 30 dollars.

Demonstration Video

This is a personal video of mine at my son’s birthday party. The kids absolutely loved it when I surprised them with it. Around the time that cake was being served, I went out to the car to get the Air shark from the backseat of my car. It was a cold winter day at the time, so it is noteworthy to mention that the adhesives that go on the side of the shark did have trouble staying on. So keep that in mind if you plan to use these in a colder climate. I added extra tape to keep it on.

I controlled the shark to make it float into the doorway ahead of me. The kids were very surprised and it was an instant hit. I let them all take turns with the remote control. The controller is very simplistic with only two buttons. One controls left and right movement, and the other controls the up and down motion by moving a weight along a track that runs along the under belly of the shark. This makes it super simple for kids to get the hang up controlling very quickly.

See my RC air shark in my video below:



RC Air Shark Components

air shark ballast and receiver on the clown fish air swimmer track.

This image shows how the receiver track is placed on the track. This one shown is from the Clown Fish version, but it is the same on all air swimmers.
air shark anchor and tie down. Storage for the extra putty.

The Remote Control Shark and all the other air swimmers use a bit of putty in the end of the receiver. The extra unused putty can be stored inside the remote, and the remote is then used as an anchor.

angry birds air swimmers

This is an Angry Birds version of Air Swimmers as I mentioned above. Exact same premise as the air shark, but this one is great for any Angry Birds lover. Click the image for much more product details and more images.
clownfish air swimmer








This is the Clown fish version of the Air Swimmers product. Click the image for more details and images. You can also find deals where you get the Air Shark and Clown fish together in one bulk deal. Either way, be sure that the product you are ordering is not just the replacement balloon. Make sure you are getting an actual Air Swimmers remote control balloon kit. You can also get the helium from the same source, but separately.

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