Remote Control Snake

remote control snake

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The Remote Control Snake operates with a 4 directional remote, and is easy to operate. The slithering action is created by the segments of the snake. You can move the snake forwards, backwards, left and right. This is a basic snake design toy by the Uncle Milton brand. The eyes will light up when the toy is in use. It works most ideally on hard and smooth surfaces, which means it may or may not work correctly on non smooth surfaces such as the grass in the backyard or on the carpet, which is somewhat disapointing given that this is a snake. 

Read more about this remote control snake, or browse through a wide selection of other RC snakes and rodents available  from this source by clicking the image of the orange snake you see above, or the yellow check price button.


radio controlled rattle snake toy


This one is a rattle snake version of RC toy. It is roughly double the cost of the one discussed above, and is also a bit longer, as it measures 30 inches in length. You can control this snake left and right using the remote control, and it makes snake like sounds while in operation. The tongue also sticks out realistically. You will need to buy the batteries separately. The remote control uses a 9V battery, and the snake itself takes 4 AAA batteries. If you expect this toy to be played with a lot, you would be wise to purchase rechargeable batteries in both cases. Click the image of this RC snake and box to find more product details, buying and shipping information, and to browse through a bunch of other RC snake toys.

rechargeable remote control snake


This one is the infrared controlled speckled snake. It comes with an egg shaped remote and a snake like the one you see here. What is great about this option is the fact that this one is rechargeable using a USB port. The entire length of this snake end to end is 16 inches,and this is a remote control snake on the lower end of the cost scale, as it is just a shorter and more simplistic RC toy. Click the image of the speckled snake you see here for more product and buying details.

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