Tenzi Dice Game

tenzi dice game

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The Tenzi Dice Game is a simplistic and fast action dice rolling game for the whole family.

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Tenzi Game Rules

There are many different variations of Tenzi rules, plus the fact that you can invent your own game play versions. With that being said, the standard way to play is the following:
1. Each player receives a set of 10 dice. Each set of 10 comes as a different color.

2. All players begin rolling their dice at the same time. After your first roll, you will choose a number to set aside as your “match number”. For example, you might have rolled 3 fives, and decide to set aside those fives. The fives would then become your “match number”. For the rest of the game, you are on a fast paced mission to roll over and over, setting aside fives, until all ten of your dice are fives.

3. The first person to convert all 10 dice into a single matching number must yell “Tenzi” (not Yahtzee). This person will be declared the winner.


Tenzi Tower
-Must stack your dice as you go, which would slow you down and increase the stress level.

-Instead of shooting for a single “match number” you could try shooting for two. That is, 5 of each.

Mega Tenzi
Tenzi on steroids! Use twenty dice each instead of ten.

You could add an extra caveat to each game play version, that says that you all have to roll to the same number, and decide on that number beforehand. This would be called “Target Tenzi”.

Get creative with your Tenzi variations and combine a few. Maybe you could play “Mega Target Splitzi Tower Tenzi”!

I know it kind of seems like you are just simply buying a package of dice, and technically this is true. However, think of it this way. There are tons of dice rolling games out there you can play that would require you to buy more dice. If you buy a package of Tenzi dice, you will have enough dice to play all variations of Tenzi, as well as pretty much every other dice game known to man. Consider it a life supply of dice!

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