Total Pillow

total pillow

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The Total Pillow is another one of those “as seen on TV” products. What makes the Total Pillow unique, is the versatility. You can bend it, twist it, and shape in many different ways and lock it into place.
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Many reviews to read through. They mostly lean to the positive side. Get the right comfortable fit for your neck and head no matter what your environmental situation is. Easy to take with you anywhere.


 Though most feed back is positive, it is somewhat mixed. Everyone’s experiences will vary. Read all reviews through the provided links and be your own judge. Other competing products are on the market as well.


total pillow leopard print


The Total Pillow now also comes in various different colors and patterns for a more personalized theme and feel. This image here demonstrates the use of a leopard print version of the Total Pillow. You can see the use of the pillow bent and folded for the right fit in the office as back support on your chair, used between the knees while sleeping, place on top of a chair or stool for buttocks and lower back support, use it as a head rest in the car, or in many other ways. Get creative and take it everywhere you go. Click the image of this leopard print Total Pillow being put to use to see more details about this product,and to browse through many other similar options available from this source.

jumbo total pillow


This version shown here is the exact same concept as what has been discussed and shown above, however this one is 30 percent larger. They call this one the Jumbo Total Pillow. This one also comes with a handy carrying case. Click the image of the Jumbo Total Pillow being demonstrated here to find more product details, read customer review comments, and to browse through many other similar products.

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