USB Pet Rock

USB pet rock

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The famous pet rock took the world by storm many decades ago. Of course, by “take by storm” I mean many people were fooled into paying hard earned money for a natural occurring object that is easily obtained quickly and for free.

Time to take the pet rock into the 21st century with the new aged USB powered pet rock. This isn’t your Grandpa’s pet rock (unless you are buying this for your grandpa).

If you haven’t figured it out yet, just like the pet rocks of the 1970’s, this one basically does nothing. It does not store anything, and it does not draw power. The older generation will appreciate it, and the younger generation will look at you with confused looks on their faces.

On the bright side, it does not require feeding or watering. However, it may be able to fetch your slippers for you with just the right amount of training.

This is only one version of a variety of silly pet rock concepts available these days. Check out others or just read through the many hilarious comments…

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